Uber launches in Vilnius

Uber drivers in Lithuania will charge 0.8 euro boarding fee. The price for the ride will consist of the time and distance components: 0.1 euro/min. and 0.4 euro/km. The minimum price for the service is 1.5 euro. If the ride is canceled, a fee of 1.5 euro will also apply.

Romualdas Bieliauskas, the head of the capital‘s taxi drivers’ association, said: “The new technologies are coming. Who said that taxi drivers are conservative and reject new technologies? We accept new technologies, we use them ourselves. And what Uber offers, we have been doing for a long time now. There is maybe only one thing we are not doing, because we are not allowed to, that is accept payment via a mobile phone instead of hard cash. However, we think that Uber will bring us possibilities to expand our activities.”


The Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said: “Uber wants to expand its services, but not all services can be implemented at the moment, because our laws have not yet been adopted for their activities to be fully legalized.”

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