US general: US troops will stay as long as Lithuania wants them

USA Military sharing their experiences with Lithuanian schools
Organizatorių nuotr.

During a visit in Vilnius, the US general said that rotations of US troops are already planned in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland for next year.

“US army rotational forces are gonna to be here for as long as necessary to assure all of our Allies and to deter Russian aggression. So as long as Lithuania wants to continue to train with us, US rotational forces will continue to come up,” Hodges told BNS.

US sent a company of troops to each of the three Baltic states and Poland in April in response to the Russian aggression in Ukraine. European Allies also take turns to send their soldiers to the region for common exercises. From these forces, Lithuania is forming an international battalion.

Hodges said that Russian military training and air-space violations is “is all about demonstrating capability and trying to intimidate,” therefore, “discipline, unity of the nations is really very important at this point so that small incident doesn’t lead to something that didn’t have to happen.”

Asked if he sees signs of Russia preparing a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the US general said that Russians have build up sufficient capacities but refused to elaborate on Moscow’s intentions.

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