Vilnius hosting memorial events on Holocaust Day

DELFI / Audrius Solominas

Before the march to Paneriai, the massacre site of 70,000 Jews of Lithuania, 600 young people will form a human David’s Star in the Town Hall Square.

In the afternoon, the government will host a tribute and awards ceremony of the rescuers of Jews who have been recognized as Righteous Among Nations.

The Nazis, often assisted by their Lithuanian collaborators, massacred about 90 percent of the Lithuanian pre-war Jewish population of 200,000 during World War II. About 8,000 Jews were rescued and about the same number of Jews survived by fleeting to the Soviet Union.

The Israel-based Yad Vashem center of Holocaust studies has recognized more than 800 Lithuanians as Righteous Among Nations for risking their lives to rescue Jews from the genocide.

About 3,000 Jews currently live in Lithuania.

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