Jonas Noreika - General Vėtra

V. Sinica. Lithuania doesn`t glorify Nazis and Noreika wasn`t one (a response to Silvia Foti)

Silvia Foti is a granddaughter of the anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet resistance member Jonas Noreika, participant of the June Uprising in 1941, imprisoned by Nazis in Stutthof in 1943, returned to Lithuania to organise new resistance […]

The Union of Lublin. Painting by Jan Matejko

Will we tussle with history for long?

With a hot summer underway, two history-related resolutions emerged in Seimas almost at the same time and it would seem that they will both be met with controversy. A resolution proposed by Seimas Speaker Viktoras […]

A girl with dolls from the Masha and the bear animation

Lithuanian military representative: the information war is fought for hearts and minds

It has been known since ancient times that the greatest military victories are those achieved without firing a single shot. One of the means to do so is currently also one of the problems seen […]

Mid summer celebration in Lithuania

Role of female slaves in the ancient Balts societies

Issues related to the history of slavery in Lithuania have neither been properly studied nor have they drawn a greater international attention yet due to the scarcity of sources. This aspect of the early history of Lithuania can be brought to light by employing only very sparse sources and the comparative context as the background. The social structure and evolution of Lithuanians and other Balt peoples resembled that of societies in Northern and Eastern Europe. The historiographic description of Lithuanians as “Vikings of the overland”, by Edvardas Gudavičius, represents more than a mere metaphor as it reveals typological similarities which become evident in comparing Viking and Curonian societies. The same is true speaking of other Balt tribes. […]

Old books

Educational Commission in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Pope Clement XVI’s decree pronouncing the closure of the Jesuit Order reached the Lithuanian and Polish Commonwealth in 1773. Jesuits have financed a number of schools in Lithuania and Poland, including the Academy of Vilnius. The state faced the tasks of making use of the huge wealth of the Order and of finding new supervisors of the schools or, in other words, of solving problems in the area of education. […]


Forgotten neighbour of the Great Duchy of Lithuania – the Ottoman Empire

Moldova and the Tatar khanates were neighbouring political formations of the Great Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) territories between the Dniestr and Dniepr rivers in the 15th century. These lands of the GDL stood out for their differing climate, the steppes that spread out across them, and the few settled people that lived there. […]