Vytautas Landsbergis: Langaitis arrived uncleanly and cannot remain in the party

Tadas Langaitis
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

Conservative party patriarch Vytautas Landsbergis says that Tadas Langaitis, who relinquished his Seimas member mandate, “arrived uncleanly”. In V. Landsbergis’ opinion, after causing such harm, T. Langaitis cannot remain in the party.

“Tadas Langaitis arrived uncleanly. The distasteful bomb exploded by or through him should first of all be a lesson. Having done such harm, he cannot remain in the party which sheltered him,” V. Landsbergis commented in a statement sent to Delfi.

The politician muses, what a coincidence it is that such a foul bomb exploded, just when TS-LKD ratings were rising to first place, while the majority was on the decline. In V. Landsbergis’ opinion, the person’s interests will surface soon and what encouraged the scandal will be investigated by journalists.

Chairman would support withdrawal from the party

During the latest Seimas elections, T. Langaitis was the head of the TS-LKD electoral headquarters. Party chairman Gabrielius Landsbergis, who granted Langaitis the office, disagrees with his grandfather’s statement.

“I disagree and believe that the professor’s statement is somewhat rushed, the lengthy period of illness may have an influence on this, with him not being familiar with all the information. Prior to making such a statement, he could have consulted, my knowledge does not match with his.

As for remaining in the party or not – I would perhaps agree with him in this respect. Our party is after all a party, which puts accountability to voters first. This is a question of an individual’s self-respect, whether he respects himself or not,” G. Landsbergis told Delfi.

He denies that other reasons of T. Langaitis’ withdrawal from Seimas may surface in the future.

“Farmer” chairwoman of the Seimas Committee on Legal Affairs Agnė Širinskienė has presented one potential variant.

“T. Langaitis’ biography states, “He founded and developed the IT service company Webmedia Group (now Nortal) in Estonia.” UAB Nortal makes an appearance in the Anti-Corruption Commission’s investigation on the e.health system. Based on the conclusions of the investigation, the Special Investigations Service initiated a pre-trial inquiry over potential abuses in creating the electronic healthcare system. It is likely that in the process of another (or perhaps the same?) investigation, a search has been organised in the Santara clincs. Once again, an appearance is made by IT sector companies.

T. Langaitis suddenly resigns. G. Landsbergis mysteriously comments: “I understand that the individual simply saw that in the future he will be unable to coordinate public and private interest due to various ongoing projects, which were likely initiated prior to political processes. They appear to be inevitably proceeding and he is only left with making a choice. He chose another path.”

Just one question, honourable conservatives – what is going on? What are the real reasons? Are there really “no secret reasons”?” A. Širinskienė wrote on Facebook.

However G. Landsbergis described A. Širinskienė’s insights as nonsense on Thursday. “Širinskienė has most likely read some sort of wrongful horoscopes or bought some affordable drugs. There is no information, these are total delusions,” the head of TS-LKD stated.

T. Langaitis himself did not find the time to talk to Delfi on Thursday. “We could arrange a time on Monday. I am currently resting and washing after mass mudslinging. Thank you for your understanding,” the former MP responded via text message.

V. M. Čigrijienė’s prediction comes true

Delfi reminds that the Conservatives were warned regarding T. Langaitis several years ago by former MP Vida Marija Čigrijienė. Back then, the TS-LKD veteran and oldest MP stated she is leaving the party and will challenge the Conservative candidate T. Langaitis in the Panemunė single mandate district.

“Only professionalism and work experience are the cornerstones of selection criteria, based on which voters operate in granting the mandate for work in Seimas. It is surprising that a young individual who has never been in real politics is shovelling promises today, as if unable to understand that they will have to be implemented and that he is bringing his entourage to Seimas, whose competence and sometimes morality are sometimes left in doubt.

How to describe the supposed cover of democracy, the efforts of the great party critic, when her advice is levied down into the branches in the form of a written appeal, whom to vote for? It matters not that the future candidate quite recently, just before entering the party, deliberated for a long while (pragmatically calculated), which party to choose of three expected ones and is from a family, which pledged to never vote for the Conservatives, traitors to the nation?” V. M. Čigrijienė wrote back then.

T. Langaitis described claims that he chose the Conservatives out of three options as nonsense. Back then, the politician stated he entered the TS-LKD in autumn 2014. T. Langaitis also denied that his family “publically pledged to never vote for the Conservatives, traitors to the nation.”

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