What Lithuania could expect from NATO Summit?

Laurynas Kasčiūnas
Laurynas Kasčiūnas A.Solomino nuotr.

“There is talk of establishing new bases in the three Baltic States, Poland and Romania which would hold 300-600 military experts on a variety of military assignments. This is a direct NATO presence in the states. (…) If this is how the US has decided to deter Russia from potential aggression against NATO members, the appearance of such bases is very likely,” said Kasčiūnas.

According to him, the US with President Obama at its head has clearly stated that NATO will protect its allies by any means necessary. It is not willing to provide any new security guarantees though.

“This shows that we, the Ukrainians and the Georgians, are all playing in different security leagues. The Georgians expected to receive a membership action plan in the NATO summit. We already know now that such a plan will not be established. NATO will spend much more time and attention on internal integration – for states that do not feel as secure as some other NATO members do, such as the Baltics; their integration into a full defence system. Naturally, establishing military missions and extending them, their activities are a major axis of strengthening such integration,” said Kasčiūnas.

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