Which is the oldest and the youngest Lithuanian party?

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The average age of six biggest Lithuanian parties’ top candidates is around 50 years, 15min.lt reports.

The analysis has been done after the six most popular national political parties – the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the Labour Party, the Liberal Movement, Order and Justice and the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union – have announced their lists of candidates for the upcoming elections to the Seimas, parliament.

The calculation considers 25 top candidates in each party’s list.

If the list is limited to only the top 10, the average age rises to 52 years.

The Liberal Movement is the youngest party among the six, while the social democrats are the oldest. The average age of the first 25 liberal candidates is 43.5 years, while the social democrats are, on average, over a decade older, 55.7 years.

In comparison with 2012 election results, the situation has not changed – the average age of the parliamentarians elected in 2012 was 52.8 years on the election day.


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