Wild boar with ASF found near Idavang pig farm in Lithuania

All 19,000 pigs at the complex owned by Danish-owned Idavang, the biggest pig farming company in Lithuania, were exterminated in late July after the ASF virus was detected on the farm on 24 July.

Experts of the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute have confirmed that the animal had been infected with the deadly virus, the State Food and Veterinary Service said in a press release.

“The dead animal was found last weekend within the 10-kilometer protection zone around the pig farm of Idavang’s Rupinskai unit, which reported an outbreak of ASF on 24 July,” the press release said.

The new case was found within the protection zone, therefore the authorities do not plan to introduce any additional restrictions or surveillance measures in the region yet.

The case was reported to the European Commission as well as to the veterinary services of EU Member States and neighbouring countries.

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