World Lithuanian Youth Association approves of e-voting idea

A survey commissioned by the Ministry of Justice has shown that approximately 65 percent of Lithuanian residents support electronic voting, while 20 percent are against the idea. The PLJS agrees that legalisation of electronic voting would simplify voting procedures and thus enable more expatriates to cast their votes.

“We must not be afraid to move forward and adapt to the opportunities provided by modern technology. Electronic voting is relevant not only to Lithuanian citizens living abroad but to every resident of our country. I believe that such form of voting would encourage people who are becoming increasingly accustomed to the benefits of technology to take part in elections,” said Minister Bernatonis at the meeting.

The Ministry of Justice has also proposed to establish the status of e-resident, foreign nationals who have interests in Lithuania would be issued electronic signature certificates in order to use e-services provided in Lithuania.

“This decision would create favourable conditions for foreign citizens to invest in Lithuania and increase our attractiveness to foreign capital. Currently foreign nationals cannot make themselves identified in cyberspace and therefore are prevented from participating, creating and developing business relations in Lithuania using electronic means,” the minister emphasised.

The future of electronic voting should become known during the spring session of the Lithuanian Parliament.

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