Harvesting in Lithuania

Government commission proposes nationwide emergency over rain-hit crops

The Lithuanian government’s emergency commission proposed on Monday that the Cabinet declare a nationwide emergency situation after farmers suffered damages estimated at tens of millions of euros due to heavy rains that battered the country at the end of the summer. […]

Saulius Skvernelis

Prime Minister – real estate maintenance costs the state 180 million euro annually

For the first time ever it has been calculated how much real estate the country is in control of. “It is surprising that over 27 years there have been no attempts to take inventory of […]


Potato plague detected in Lithuania

The first areas where potato plague has been registered are Zarasai, Kaunas, Joniškis and Pasvalys regions, Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Services said. There are 23 types of fungicides that can eliminate potato plague registered in Lithuania.


Lithuanian consumers shocked as strawberries hit €9 a kilo

First locally grown strawberries have reached Lithuanian marketplaces, but high prices have made buyers wonder if they are not another sign of price hikes following the euro adoption. […]