Supermarket boycott begins as Lithuanians hit back at rising prices

Lithuanian consumers outraged at spiking food prices are starting a three-day boycott of supermarkets on Tuesday. Industry experts say, however, that the initiative will not have much of an impact. […]


Lithuanians still recalculate prices in litas

It has been almost a year since Lithuania has abandoned its national currency for the euro, but many Lithuanians still cling to the litas. A recent survey shows that two out of three Lithuanian shoppers would prefer to see prices indicated in both currencies, the litas and the euro, TV3 television reports. […]

European Parliament
European Union

European Parliament greenlights Lithuania’s euro adoption

The European Parliament on Wednesday endorsed Lithuania’s accession to the euro zone in 2015 with 545 votes in favour, 116 votes against and 34 abstentions. […]