Vladimir Putin

Oh Brutus, Where Art Thou?

“I would compare Putin to the Roman leaders in the time of Roman Empire’s agony. While Caesar’s Rome was the Rome of ascendancy, Putin’s Rome is the one of decay. The regime in Russia shows all signs of agony,” says Kremlinologist Lilia Shevtsova. […]

Leonidas Donskis and Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Opinion: Is Mikhail Khodorkovsky the devil’s advocate? II

This January, the Vilnius-based Eastern Europe Studies Centre organized another big two-day international event for experts, politicians and intellectuals. The centrepiece of the second day of the conference was an address by none other than Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He was introduced by liberal Lithuanian thinker Leonidas Donskis who had taken great interest in supporting the prisoner during his term as a member of the European Parliament and had even received Khodorkovsky’s thank-you letter from prison. The prisoner had written he was touched by Donskis’ belief that he was fated for an important role in the history and politics of Russia. […]

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Foreign affairs

Mikhail Khodorkovsky among guest speakers at forum in Lithuania

Snow Meeting, a traditional informal discussion club, organised by the Foreign Ministry of Lithuania since 2008, will be held on 15-16 January in Trakai and Vilnius, the ministry said in a press release. […]