Gitanas Nausėda

Key challenges to Nausėda presidency: politicians may prove disruptive

President-Elect has taken to work from his very first days, what are the key challenges to Nausėda presidency? Offices have been allocated to him and his team at the Presidential Palace, G. Nausėda is now […]

Baltic States' presidents and Donald Trump
Foreign affairs

Trump used summit with Baltic leaders for domestic politics – Lithuanian reviewers

United States President Donald Trump used the visit of the three Baltic presidents for domestic politics, however, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia managed to align their interests with those of the White House, political scientists say. […]

Even when signing books always the consumate politician, Guy Verhofstadt at the  Vilnius Book Fair  Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune
European Union

Guy Verhofstadt Brings his EU reform ideas to Vilnius

A large enthusiast and captivated audience came out on a very cold Saturday afternoon to hear former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt speak at the annual Vilnius Book Fair. Verhofstadt is currently fraction leader of the Liberal Group in the European parliament. However, on Saturday his main message were his ideas for European reform and to make the EU stronger, more efficient, and to avoid more Brexit-like defections of the world’s largest and most powerful trading block. […]

Belarussian troops
Foreign affairs

Saakashvili’s words about Belarus annexation ungrounded – Lithuanian political scientists

The warnings made by Georgia’s former president Mikheil Saakashvili during a visit in Lithuania on Tuesday about Russia‘s readiness to annex Belarus are not grounded, political scientists say. […]

Jean Claude Juncker

EU after Brexit – what dangers lurk

Having outlined five scenarios of the British withdrawal from the EU, Europe will likely be unable to move toward change and will veer to the first one – not changing current policy. Such is the […]