Almantas Petkus

Black-listed deputy ministers will not return to offices

The ministerial teams will most likely not include Deputy Minister of the Interior Algimantas Juocevičius, Deputy Minister of Environment Almantas Petkus and Deputy Minister of Agriculture Živilė Pinskuvienė, who were included in the so-called blacklist compiled by the Special Investigation Service (STT). On Monday this was confirmed by the Ministries in question. […]

Lithuanian Government representatives

President’s adviser: Cabinet might be approved without several ministers

A new government in Lithuania might be approved without several ministers if they fail to form transparent teams, says Rasa Svetikaitė, the Lithuanian president’s chief adviser on legal issues. […]

Ministry of Environment

Remaining “blacklist” vice-ministers step down

All suspect vice-ministers are stepping down in Lithuania, government officials said Tuesday. […]