Astravyets nuclear power plant

Belarus says Lithuania’s stance on nuclear plant is ‘inexplicable’

Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei has claimed that Lithuania’s complaints about the safety of the new nuclear power plant being built in Belarus, just 50km from Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, are inexplicable. […]

Virginijus Šikšnys

Vilnius University professor becomes first Lithuanian to join world’s elite science organization

Vilnius University professor Virginijus Šikšnys has become the first Lithuanian scientist invited to become an Associate Member of European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) – an association uniting and promoting excellence elite scholars of life sciences. […]

Naglis Puteikis

Anti-corruption campaign launched by Lithuanian Centre Party

Lithuanian MP Naglis Puteikis was elected chairman of the Lithuanian Centre Party at a convention in Kaunas on Saturday as it launched its election campaign. The party has decided to participate in the upcoming parliamentary […]

The Kremlin

Russian ‘countermeasures’ to NATO in Eastern Europe are coming

When NATO leaders gather in Warsaw on July 8 to 9, they will announce steps to beef up the alliance’s conventional force presence on its eastern flank. NATO also will shortly announce that the SM-3 missile defense site in Romania has achieved operational status. These moves will spur the Kremlin, with some fanfare, to announce military “countermeasures.” But those will be steps that Moscow almost certainly intends to take in any case. […]