Masha and the beer

InfoWar with Russia is not going to end in the next 10 years

“Is it possible to win the information war? Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you that the information war is not going to end in the next ten years. Maybe even longer if Russia will remain […]

Project Path of Yarn

Linen and wool revival has been a success!

The international Lithuanian-Norwegian project Making and Growing – Traditions between Fibre & Fabric has reached its goal of breathing new life into the old crafts. “We’ve helped the modern human to reconnect with the undeservingly forgotten craft of processing linen and wool which provided food and warmth for our ancestors. Weaving is encoded in the genes of Lithuanians; I was assured of this when I saw how remarkably modern fellow-countrymen were using a spinning wheel at the live exhibition, even though it was the first attempt in their lives,” cheers the project’s implementer and President of the Fine Crafts Association of Vilnius Indrė Rutkauskaitė. […]

Dainius Budrys

Budrys sacked from Rail Baltica Statyba

Dainius Budrys, a member of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and a former MP, has been sacked from top executive of Rail Baltica Statyba (Rail Baltica Construction), the subsidiary of the state-run Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) that coordinates the European-gauge railway project Rail Baltica in Lithuania. The information was confirmed to BNS by Budrys on April 28. […]