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When the leaders of the Commonwealth and Russian Empire met in Biržai for entertainment and secret agreements

In the early 18th century, Europe was crippled by two major wars. France was preparing to go to war with Western Europe (England, the Holy Roman Empire and many German principalities) over the Spanish Succession. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, Russia, Denmark and Saxony agreed to attack Swedish possessions and share them out between themselves. The Republic of the Two Nations found itself in an anomalous position. […]

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Foreign affairs

Naujoji Akmenė town to donate ambulances, other equipment to Ukrainians

The Northern Lithuanian town of Naujoji Akmenė is planning to donate two ambulances and medical equipment to Mariupol, a city in war-hit eastern Ukraine. […]

Viktoras Pranckietis, Dalia Grybauskaitė, Saulius Skvernelis

Scenarios for how S. Skvernelis may act

It is doubtful that Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis would run for president and if he does, it would be worth for him to withdraw from the cabinet with a year and a half left to […]

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Wet weather hampers harvesting of cereal crops in Lithuania

The rainy weather that has set in in Lithuania this week starts hampering the harvesting of cereals crops as in some areas it is too wet for combine harvesters to enter the fields. […]

Šlyninka mill in Zarasai

Šlyninkos Water Mill, a unique Lithuanian legacy.

Šlyninkos, a 300-year old water mill, is located in an idyllic setting, just a few minutes outside Zarasai in Lithuania’s northeastern lake area. It is the oldest water mill left in the country and one the few operating water mills left, anywhere in the world. There are other functioning mills, but the majority operate for demonstration purposes only. […]

Vilnius Cathedral and bell tower

Vilnius Cathedral as a shrine erected in the Classical style

Vilnius Cathedral is a Lithuanian Catholic shrine known for its architectural style, which distinguishes it from other sacral buildings of a similar purpose. It is rare that a city should boast of a cathedral built in the Classical style. […]