2nd motorized brigade to be headquartered in Klaipėda

“It will be based in Klaipėda because of the existing infrastructure there. We already have certain divisions and battalions which will be attributed to the brigade. I think we will have the brigade in 2016,” he told BNS.

A typical motorized infantry brigade consists of 2,000-3,000 troops.


The decision on the establishment of a second brigade was made by the Lithuanian State Defence Council in early April. Currently, Lithuania has a single infantry brigade – the Motorized Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf”.

The Lithuanian army now has around 8,000 professional troops and also plans to conscript around 3,000 men this year. Moreover, around 4,500 defence volunteers are serving in the country’s National Defence Volunteer Forces.


Lithuania is stepping up its defence capabilities in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and increased military activity in the Baltic Sea region.

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