Afghan interpreter granted refugee status in Lithuania

Abdul Basir Yoususi
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“After a thorough check and accurate data analysis, the information provided by Basir proved correct and we indeed know he is in danger. Therefore, he was granted refugee status,” Lithuania’s Interior Vice-Minister Elvinas Jankevičius said.

Along with refugee status, an individual is also granted a permanent permit to reside in Lithuania.

Yoususi applauded the Migration Department‘s decision to provide him with international protection.

“Yes, I received the decision yesterday. Everything is very good,” the Afghan national told BNS in a Lithuanian-language interview on Wednesday.

He said he would apply for relocation of his wife and daughter to Lithuania. They currently reside in Afghanistan.

“I do not know where exactly they live, I have had no contact with them for 10 days, they are out of coverage now. The situation there is very bad, there is no safety, there is war all the time,” Yoususi said.

He says his family is forced to constantly change their place of residents for safety reasons.

Yoususi has no preference of which place in Lithuania to live in, saying his priority is to get his family to Lithuania.

Yoususi arrived in Lithuania in early April and still lives in the Rukla Refugee Centre. He will later be moved to one of Lithuania’s municipalities.

He was resettled to Lithuania after he uploaded a plea on YouTube from a refugee camp in Greece. In the video, he asked for help from Lithuania. He said he had learned the Lithuanian language while working for Lithuanian troops during their service in the Ghor province in Afghanistan. Lithuanian army officials confirmed that Yoususi had indeed helped Lithuanian troops in Afghanistan.

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