Ambassador convinced that Finnish armoured vehicles best for Lithuania


Ambassador considers that Patria’s offer is a perfect match for the Lithuanian needs, priced very competitively and include a local Life Cycle Support solution, continuous development with the latest technology, according to a press release by the Embassy of Finland.

Patria’s AMV enables many benefits for international EU or NATO operations and strengthens regional interoperability, the ambassador says, adding that Patria’s vehicles are in use of Finnish, Polish, Estonian, Norwegian and Swedish Armies. The feedback has been excellent.

Ambassador Mäki-Reinikka gives his full support to Polish Rosomak’s and Patria’s cooperation concerning the bid. According to Mäki-Reinikka, the cooperation provides the best platform to work with the Lithuanian industry.

If that Polish-Finnish bid wins, as the ambassador hopes, it will create a lot of job opportunities to Lithuanians and strengthen so much needed tax collection to the Lithuanian state budget.

At the moment the estimate concerning the jobs surmounts several hundred man-years, from blue to white collar jobs, because of the training and service centre.

Lithuania has received a total of 10 proposals on the acquisition of infantry vehicles for the Armed Forces. The purchase could be the largest acquisition in the history of Lithuania’s army.

The decision on the equipment to be bought should be made by the State Defence Council in late November.

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