Are Lithuanians stocked up for emergency situations?

Germany‘s recommendations for its citizens to stock up on supplies for potential emergency situations made Lithuanians wonder whether they are prepared.

With a number of terrorist attacks around Europe and in Germany over the past year, German institutions have proposed new plans for their government, advising citizens to stock up on food and be prepared for any possible disturbances.

The recommendation which, among other things, suggests keeping supplies to last 10 days has been met with mixed responses, particularly due to its timing close to general elections.

The Lithuanian approach to emergency situations is shaped by differing realities of the local security concerns, DELFI reports.

The main threat to Lithuania is not terrorist groups like ISIS, even if Lithuania is listed among its enemies for supporting the United States, but rather countries employing hybrid warfare techniques, such as Russia, DELFI observer Vaidas Saldžiūnas argues.

In reaction to events like Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, Lithuania has put together a rapid response force which can be deployed even without declaring a state of war throughout the country.

Due to the importance of speed in reacting to such threats, it will allow the government to respond even before the Seimas is gathered for a crisis session.

Differently than in the German case, Lithuanian government agencies advise stocking up supplies for 72 hours, as well as being prepared to evacuate to nearby shelters.

The main recommendations have been outlined in a Ministry of National Defence‘s publication released last year “What you need to know about preparedness for extreme situations and wartime”.


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