Association of Castles and Manors presents a video clip and invites you to explore Lithuanian manors

With its new video showcasing the beauty of nature, historical castles and manors, the Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors inspires the viewer to explore Lithuania and its cultural heritage.

You are invited to travel

Castles and manor houses, architectural ensembles surrounded by green parks, wrapped in a veil of history, adorning the entire landscape of Lithuania like gemstones… They preserve a piece of the past of our Homeland and each of us.

The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors invites everyone to take a closer look, learn more about cultural heritage sites, visit the manors and experience their unique atmosphere as a part of the project “Let’s Explore Lithuanian Manors”. After all, if you explore our blooming country in spring, the impressions will last forever.

The new video features enchanting views of nature and historical buildings

The magical beauty of castles, manors and Lithuania itself is revealed by the video made during the project. The long journeys across Lithuania, the various weather conditions, the incredible patience and persistence, and process itself that sometimes demanded making unexpected decisions from the creators: that’s all behind the scenes. The result is the captured views of the nature as it greets the day, the tops of the trees and castle towers in the fog, and the sunlit historical buildings from a bird’s eye view. With a touch of an artist’s hand, all of this makes a short but enchanting story in the new video.

The changing views of castles and manors, their surroundings and the nature filled with life will take you into a mesmerising fairy tale, while the narrator’s voice will invite you to become one of its characters. Which gate or door to a castle or manor would you like to open this year?

The aim is to promote the cultural heritage of castles and manors

The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors currently has 64 members, individuals and legal entities who take care of the preservation of the heritage of castles and manors, make efforts to preserve the values of the past, host cultural activities and gather local communities in the old historical buildings of Lithuania.

The various activities of the project aim to present Lithuanian castles and manors to the national and foreign audiences as landmarks, unique historical places, local centres of culture and attraction, and an integral part of the country’s image. How different would the Lithuanian landscape be if the manors had not been been preserved, if they had been destroyed; how much wisdom of the people of the past would have been irretrievably lost then?

Gintaras Karosas, the President of the Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors, says that “castles and manors are very important for Lithuania in various aspects. Even without the events that they host, these objects are a part of our landscape, and their absence would render the surroundings be completely different, much poorer. Today, some manors are valuable as architectural ensembles, others as places of residence of prominent personas, whiles others still, as the only centres for spreading culture in rural areas.”

The two-year-long project “Increasing the Awareness about Lithuanian Castles and Manors by Means of Electronic Marketing“ aimed to promote the cultural heritage sites of the Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors and its members is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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