The Poster of the film

Why did the NATO film on the “forest brothers” frighten the Kremlin more than tanks?

They could take it when we were accepted into NATO and even when Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė described Russia as a terrorist, the reaction was less hysterical. Things were very different with the release of […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius, I. Sadauskienės nuotr.

Opinion: There’s room in Lithuania for 5 million people

You know it’s the political autumn with a little over a year left until the Seimas elections simply from the party leaders and MPs being on the lookout for opportunities to give their opinions. Necessarily in the manner so that the voter, after a summer break from talking heads on TV, could tap his representative on a soft shoulder and say: “Well said, I think so too.” […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

Opinion: Tomaševski’s path from Polish identity to Putin‘s “Russian World”

You cannot even imagine how painful it is for a real dzūkas [south-east Lithuanian] to see reports about people in Žemaitija [west Lithuania] picking mushrooms by hundreds and asking what to do with such wealth, while our pine forests, growing on the mainland sand dunes, are dry and bare from the summer heat. Only on the day of St. Bartholomew were we blessed with some all-day rain; after that rain it will be finally possible to go mushroom hunting. […]