Average consumer loan in Lithuania EUR 2,317

The most popular credit repayment term was 5 years as 40 percent of all those borrowing wanted to repay their credits in this particular period of time.

In 2014, Swedbank issued more than half of all the new consumer credits on Lithuania’s overall market of commercial banks. The total value of Swanbank’s consumer credit portfolio accounted for EUR 153 million in late 2014.

Residents of Lithuania most often apply for a consumer credit when planning their house repair and buying furniture and home appliances. Last year, the share of those who took out a loan for these purposes accounted for around 40 percent.

Meanwhile, a total of 30 percent of borrowers obtained the bank’s credit to buy a vehicle. The remaining share decided to get a consumer credit in order to mend their vehicles and for other consumer needs, including healthcare and entrainment.

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