Baltic states not among top 10 interests of new US Admin – US analyst

President Donald Trump speed in the US Congress
Reuters / Scanpix

“The Baltic states have a reason to be concerned about what’s unfolding in Washington,” the US analyst said at a news conference at the Lithuanian parliament on Friday.

Gardiner and other security experts are attending an international conference on the resistance of the public of the Baltic region against hybrid threats.

In his words, scientists have established that decision-makers could focus on ten issues at the most at a time.

“If you look at what’s the United States is facing right now, I have to say that the Baltic states do not make the list of top ten,” he stated.

In Gardiner’s words, US President Donald Trump‘s administration cares more about the situation in the Middle East, the developments in North Korea and the relations with Mexico.

Dr. Michael Carpenter, director of the Diplomacy and International Relations Center at the Pennsylvania University, also noted at the news conference that the new US presidential administration was sending ambiguous messages.

“On the one hand, we hear Mr. Trump saying that NATO is obsolete, we hear his desire to cozy up to Vladimir Putin (…) but at the same time we have his very own secretary of defense say that he understands that Russia is trying to break NATO apart, that NATO is essential and that we need to continue to strengthen the Alliance,” said Carpenter.

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