Banks fail to develop common solution to replace code cards

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

While some banks are offering apps to customers to overcome the issue, others are asking for proof of payment via SMS. In April stricter rules on payments via electronic banking will come into force which will not allow the use of code cards if transactions have a value of more than €30.

Nordea Bank have introduced an app which replaces the code cards as well as other alternatives for their customers such as mobile signatures or code generators.

SEB Bank announced that from April customers will have to confirm payments via SMS. This system is already applied to the new bank‘s customers. The same system will be used by Swedbank.

However, SEB, Swedbank and DNB are seeking to create a unified e-identification solution, but developing such a solution will take time according to bank representatives. The country’s major banks had been expected to develop a common solution.


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