Kerli Gabrilovica, Head of Retail Banking of Luminor

Banking sector in Lithuania 15 years after joining the EU

Banking sector in Lithuania experienced many changes since the country joined the European Union 15 years ago. A part of today’s banking services did not even exist 15 years ago. Banks have developed online services, […]


Lithuanian banks safe from ‘Italian problems’

While Italian banks holding €360 billion of bad loans may soon become a problem for the eurozone, financial institutions in Lithuania are not as exposed to bad loans, representatives of the biggest banks in Lithuania […]

Protest rally near DNB headquarters

Investors sue Lithuanian bank over investments that may leave them homeless

Hundreds of small investors have sued Lithuania’s DNB bank after investment products they were sold went sour after the 2008 crash, forcing them to sell their homes they mortgaged to buy the bank’s investment products. […]

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What would economic disintegration in Russia look like?

Russia’s economy will likely contract gradually over the next three to four years and then become increasingly socialized, as the government implements price and currency controls, monopolizes foreign trade, embarks on a large-scale nationalization of private industries, and increasingly regulates salaries and consumption. […]