China advises Lithuanian companies to make clusters

During a meeting with Lithuania’s Deputy Economy Minister Rasa Noreikienė, representatives of China said that they see Lithuania’s potential in the areas of logistics, high technologies, and agriculture, however, according to them, Lithuania is too small a country for local companies to try to penetrate the Chinese market separately, thus, cooperation of companies is very important.

“We would like to import more high quality products. We can see the potential of your country in the fields of logistics, high technologies, and agriculture. Mutual cooperation of our countries could, first of all, develop in the form of trade cooperation, while later joint Lithuanian-Chinese companies could be established,” said Zhai Qian, head of the Chinese delegation.

According to the Chinese official, one should admit that Lithuania is a small country; therefore, it is much more difficult for individual Lithuanian companies to enter China’s market than for a group of such companies. He says that Lithuanian companies should make business clusters and then find partners in China, this way paving the way for Lithuanian goods to Chinese shops faster and easier.

Trade with China currently only accounts for a small share of Lithuania’s total foreign trade in agricultural and food products. In 2013, Lithuania’s exports to China stood at EUR 4.3 million. Lithuania exported frozen blueberries, whey powder, wheat starch, alcoholic beverages, and rice and corn preparations.

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