Lithuania launches Coronavirus App

Coronavirus App from Lithuania

Even though Coronavirus has not reached Lithuania to this day, a Lithuanian based company created a Coronavirus App. All three samples tested for the new coronavirus came back negative in Lithuania today according to the National Public Health Center’s Vilnius Department.

However, a creative Lithuanian company on January 31 released a Coronavirus app – an informative mobile application that helps to secure oneself from being exposed to coronavirus. After hearing devastating news about the virus becoming an epidemic throughout the world, Bitsens decided to raise the awareness of this illness and created a useful health application. It took 24 hours to come up with an idea and got a fully functional mobile product in the end. Now it’s available on Google Play, according to a press release from the company.

The app contains several sections:

  • general information about coronavirus with regularly updating statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) on people being affected, died and recovered;
  • multiple infographics on how to prevent exposure to and transmission of coronavirus;
  • checklist with all known-for-now symptoms.

Light and minimalist interface design allows to structure complex information and show only relevant pieces of it. Everything you need to know about the virus is at your hand: open the app to stay informed about the illness and take safety measures regarding your health.

“Coronavirus is a must-have app for international society. We’ve been aimed to create a simple and intuitive application for people who worry about their health state as well as about the world’s situation regarding the virus. It gives necessary information on how to prevent the virus spread including medical recommendations from the World Health Organization.” – Vadim Khodakov, Founder at Bitsens.

Bitsens is a creative digital agency located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in Northern Europe. It specialises in mobile, web and interface development as well as in branding and startup consulting.

Download the app on Google Play.

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