Covid-19. February 23

Members of the government’s Council of Experts announced that they are proposing to abandon the wearing of masks outside, but only medical masks or respirators should be worn indoors. It was also reported that experts are proposing to extend the lockdown.

“We believe that the rules on wearing masks can be changed. We propose to change the rules on wearing masks after leaving the indoors. Let us leave the wording that masks should only be worn when going out into the open when other people are nearby. This does not apply to family members. If it is believed that the distance of 2 meters cannot be kept, it is recommended to wear masks,” said Prof. Mindaugas Stankūnas.


It is also recommended to give up cotton masks, and to use only medical masks or respirators.

“We are talking about the term “lockdown.” Every week, a group of experts discusses which areas need to be improved. Of course, extending the lockdown does not mean tightening its conditions. But if we were to run completely freely, it would all fall apart right away,” said Vaidotas Grigas, director of the Molėtai hospital.


In the program, Agata Młyńska, an immunologist from the Lithuanian Cancer Institute, said that if we vaccinate 65-80 per cent of society, it will be possible to talk about herd immunity to the coronavirus. This means that the transmission of the virus in society will be minimal. She also explained that for the time being, we know that vaccination significantly reduces the course of the disease, but we still have too little data on the transmission of the virus, i.e. whether vaccines inhibit transmission from person to person. The host of the program, Renata Widtmann, also asked how long the coronavirus vaccine has lasted. Whether the third wave of the pandemic has already come to Lithuania and how strong will it be? In conclusion, she wanted to know what was the challenge for the immunologist during the pandemic.

Due to contact with a person suffering from COVID-19, Minister of Social Security and Labour Monika Navickienė is in self-isolation. She will continue to work remotely.


A spokeswoman for the ministry, Edita Banienė, said that Navickienė was feeling well and did not experience any symptoms. The coronavirus test turned out to be negative.

According to the spokeswoman, an infected employee of the ministry informed all colleagues about his illness, which is why they have been working remotely from Monday.


According to her, the ministry’s premises were also disinfected.

During the lockdown, 95 percent. Ministry employees work remotely.

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