Covid-19. February 4

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14,421 people recovered within the past 24 hours. The day before, 760 new coronavirus infections and 16 deaths were reported. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 184,948 infections have been diagnosed in Lithuania.

So far 2,885 people have died from Covid-19.


Almost 134,000 have recovered.

The number of active cases is 45,753.


During the last day, nearly 9,000 tests were performed..

In the past two weeks, Lithuania has remained sixth among European countries based on the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) in terms of new coronavirus infections and has dropped one place (to sixth) in terms of mortality.


Last week, Lithuania was ranked sixth and fifth, respectively.

According to updated data published on Thursday, the incidence in Lithuania reaches just over 533 cases per 100,000 residents within two weeks. This is 65 cases less than a week ago.


According to this indicator, Portugal ranks first in the list of 30, followed by Spain and the Czech Republic.

Iceland, Greece, Norway and Finland still perform best among the countries assessed by ECDC.


The lockdown regime should be eased in individual municipalities, depending on the death rates in them, suggests the ruling coalition Liberal Movement group.

On Thursday, the party released a statement that it would try to take into account proposals to ease the lockdown, “without forcing local governments in the green zone to wait for the situation to improve throughout the country.”


Eugenijus Gentvilas, head of the group, said that when considering exemptions from the restrictions, “the territorial indicators should be taken into account, not just individual sectors.”

As an example, he gave the government of Rietavas, which enters the so-called green zone. According to the Department of Statistics, 55.1 cases of infection per 100,000 were registered there. residents.


According to Gentvilas, no new cases have been reported in Rietavas for several days.

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