Covid-19. March 4

Over the past day, 517 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed and 10 deaths have been reported, the Department of Statistics said today.

In the last two weeks, out of 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence is 256 cases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 200,884 people have been diagnosed in Lithuania.

Statistically, 186,737 people recovered. (declared: 141,983).

Statistical number of active cases – 7,117 (declared 51,871).

3,294 people have died on Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. Altogether, 6,594 deaths are associated with this infectious disease, both directly and indirectly.

Former President Dalia Grybauskaitė has been vaccinated against COVID-19. She announced it on her FB profile on Thursday.

“When I officially became a ‘senior’, I was invited to be vaccinated. I agreed immediately because I trust vaccines. I get vaccinated against the flu every year. Coronavirus vaccination is also a moral obligation not to spread the disease and protect others. I urge you all not to be afraid,” the former president wrote on his Facebook page.

D. Grybauskaitė turned 65 on Monday.

In late February, it was reported that former President Valdas Adamkus and his wife Alma, and professor Vytautas Landsbergis, were vaccinated among the first group of seniors at Santara clinics.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started assessing the compliance of the Russian vaccine with EU standards for efficacy, safety and quality. If it issues a positive opinion, a decision by the European Commission will still be required to authorize the vaccine to be brought to market in the EU. But that doesn’t mean the EU will buy Sputnik.

“There are currently no talks to include the Sputnik V vaccine in the EU’s purchasing portfolio,” European Commission spokesman for health, Stefan de Keersmaecker, said on Thursday at a press conference in Brussels.

He recalled that decisions under the joint purchasing strategy are made jointly by the European Commission and the Member States. Possible inclusion of Sputnik V in the joint purchasing portfolio would require such consent.

The decision to start an evaluation is based on the results of laboratory and clinical studies in adults. According to EMA, research indicates that Sputnik V triggers the production of antibodies and immune cells that may help protect against Covid-19.

According to reports, there are now eight vaccines in the EU portfolio.

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