Covid-19. March 5

Covid. Vaccination. Vilnius Municipality photo
Covid. Vaccination. Vilnius Municipality photo

The leaders of Israel, Austria and Denmark announced an agreement to form an alliance to develop and produce next-generation vaccines against the coronavirus.

At a press conference in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the three countries would set up a “research and development fund” and “joint efforts to jointly produce future vaccines.”

“We don’t know how long… [current] vaccines will be effective,” added the Israeli leader, “Half a year? A year? Two years? We don’t know that. So we have to protect our people from an exacerbation of this pandemic or [virus] mutations,” said the prime minister of Israel.

M. Frederiksen said the three countries have been “working closely together” since the start of the pandemic and believe that quick access to vaccines will be crucial in the future. According to her, all three countries have carried out “promising research that could pave the way for a next-generation platform” and would like to “explore the possibility of collaborating on clinical trials as well.”

For his part, S. Kurz noted that the development of vaccines is a complex process and that each partner country will focus on specific elements.

Over the last 24 hours, the coronavirus infection was diagnosed in 434 people. This is 83 people less than on Thursday.

Five people died on Covid-19 last day – half as many as the previous day.

In the last two weeks, per 100,000 inhabitants, the incidence is 247.9.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 201,335 people have been diagnosed in Lithuania.

Statistically, 187,162 people have recovered (declared: 142 thousand 621).

The statistical number of active cases amounts to 7110 (declared 51,651).

3,303 people have died on Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. Altogether, 6,620 deaths are associated with this infectious disease.

Yesterday, 7,128 tests were carried out under the coronavirus account.

The percentage of positive tests from the total performed in the last 7 days is 6.3 per cent.

During the day, 635 tests for the presence of antibodies were also performed.

During the last day, the first dose of the vaccine was given to 9,405 people, and the second – to 4,333 people.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the country, over 200,000 people have been vaccinated with the first dose, and 80,502 people have been vaccinated with the second necessary dose.

Transmission of the infection took place in kindergartens, factories and families. The case of the infection was confirmed at the Riteriai football club in Vilnius. 17 cases of the virus have already been reported in this outbreak.

53 new cases are related to family outbreaks, the circumstances of the infection of 44 people are not known yet.

In the last 24 hours, 1,091 people who had dangerous contact with an infected person were sent to isolation. In total, over 62,000 people are currently in isolation.

At least one dose of the vaccine was received by 30.5 percent. residents aged 80 and over. According to the Department of Statistics, this is the most highly targeted group in society. Among seventy-year-olds, half as many were vaccinated – 15.3 percent.

So far, over 7% of respondents have received one dose of the vaccine. residents, two – nearly 3 percent.

According to the Department of Statistics, the vaccination process is similar in most municipalities.

Birštonas, the Curonian Spit, Druskininkai and Palanga have vaccinated the most inhabitants.

Among local governments with the lowest number of vaccinated people – Šalčininkai and Visaginas.

Lithuania has so far received over 328 thousand doses of vaccines, more than 280.5 thousand were used.

According to the government’s plan, in March, residents over 80 years old, most over 75 years old, are to be vaccinated, and vaccinations for people over 65 are to start.

It is planned to start mass vaccinations of the inhabitants in May.

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