Covid-19. May 04

New visualization of the Covid-19 virusfusion. By Medical animation Unsplash

Even several hundred children were admitted to hospitals in Vilnius and Kaunas due to Covid-19.

Most are mildly infected, but some have severe disease.

According to the head of the infectious diseases department of the Santaros Clinics, 498 children have been admitted since the beginning of the pandemic diagnosed with Covid-19, one-third of them required hospitalization.

There are currently four children in the hospital.

Both representatives of the Santaros Clinics and the Kaunas Clinics indicated that the infection affects children of all ages, but older children suffer more severely.

Epidemiologists indicate that a higher risk of more severe coronavirus infection is associated with the presence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and asthma in children. Young patients with congenital heart disease, genetic conditions, conditions that affect the nervous system or metabolism may also be at greater risk.


In May, deliveries of AstraZeneca will not be large, but they will be sufficient to continue vaccinating residents with the first dose and to save part of the vaccines for the second necessary dose.

The Ministry of Healthcare said today in a statement that the manufacturer presented a delivery schedule for May. This month, it will deliver less than 40,000 doses to Lithuania.

The ones currently held and planned in subsequent deliveries are enough to continue vaccination with this preparation.

The Department of Statistics reports that more than 702,000 residents have been vaccinated with one dose so far.


There is no shortage of vaccines for Lithuania, now the most important thing is to have an efficient vaccination registration system, said the president’s chief adviser.

“We will receive a large shipment of Pfizer vaccines early next week. In fact, the problem with the lack of preparations has been resolved,” said Simonas Krėpšta.

As he said, only large cities have a registration system for vaccinations, smaller cities do not have such a system and therefore residents wait in queues for vaccinations.

Currently, each municipality organizes registration for vaccinations on its own.

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