Covid-19. May 05

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The government approved the opportunity passport on Wednesday. It will give people with immunity or a negative test the opportunity to use restricted sectors of activity.

“This option would be aimed in particular at people who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. It is also a political decision that we are creating opportunities for those who passed the test no later than 24 hours ago,” said Minister of Healthcare Arūnas Dulkys.

Catering establishments, restaurants, cafes, bars, gambling venues and betting locations will be able to provide services indoors to those who have passports of opportunity. Nightclubs will still not be able to operate.

Persons with a passport of opportunity will be able to participate in events for up to 500 spectators both indoors and outdoors. They would have to occupy seats and occupy no more than 75 percent. all places. Currently, events are only allowed for a maximum of 150 people, taking no more than a third of the seats.

This Saturday (May 8), residents of the Vilnius region aged 45+ will be vaccinated in seven places: in the Central Clinic of the Vilnius Region and the Outpatient Clinic in Nemenčinė, and in 5 outpatient clinics in the Vilnius region: in Kalveliai, Maišiagala, Paberžė, Pagiriai and Rukainiai.

Upon arrival for vaccination, it is imperative that you have a personal identity document and a face mask.

Please be advised that people who are unable to go to the vaccination site must contact the municipal office at their place of residence, to arrange transport to and from the vaccination site.

Seniors who need constant care or supervision can be vaccinated at home by a healthcare professional. If you wish to be vaccinated at home, please inform your GP or visiting nurse.

The vaccine is not recommended for people if 180 days have not passed since they were diagnosed with COVID-19, or if coronavirus antibodies were detected after performing a serological test.

Vaccinations are voluntary, the vaccine and vaccination services are free.

18,000 doses of Moderna vaccine were delivered to Lithuania.

It was the 10th delivery of this manufacturer’s vaccine.

The vaccines will be distributed to the vaccination centre over the next two days.

To date, 105,600 doses of Moderna have been delivered, over 88,000 doses have been used.

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