Covid-19. May 06

Visualization of the Covid-19. By Viktor Forgacs. Unsplash

Vaccination against COVID-19 for people aged 55+ will begin next week across Lithuania. Mass vaccination according to BNS is to start on May 31.

The joint registration system is expected to start operating on May 17.

According to BNS data, it is planned to vaccinate people aged 55 and older from May 10, people aged 45 and older from May 17, and people aged 35 and older from May 24.

From May 31, vaccinations will be available to all persons over sixteen years of age.

The mayor of the capital, Remigijus Šimašius, announced that the capital will not use the full amount of AstraZeneca vaccines at its disposal by the end of the week. Therefore, from Friday, the Vilnius authorities will allow vaccinations for people 35+. The mayor claims that this decision was supported by Healthcare Minister Arūnas Dulkys.

“I invite everyone to register, because in accordance with the observed dynamics of vaccination, it can be seen that not all vaccines will be used. I asked the minister what to do in such a situation – whether to start vaccinating with a second dose earlier or lowering the age of the vaccinated,” said the mayor of the capital

“It was not easy to get an answer, but as other mayors were asking the same question, we heard that it was possible to lower the age rating. This is what we are going to do tomorrow. Today, of course, we still invite people over 45 to vaccinate, but from tomorrow we will invite people 35+. However, it is still not the age of 18, as in other municipalities, ” R. Šimašius lamented.

This week in Lithuania, 192 cases of the British coronavirus and 23 new B. 1.620 cases, which were first confirmed in Anykščiai, were detected.

According to the laboratory of the National Centre for Public Health, 7,763 studies have been performed so far in Lithuania for the sequence of the coronavirus genome.

4,192 cases of British, 14 South African, 99 of the B. 1.620 and one Brazilian variant of the virus were detected.

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