Crimea scenario ‘will not be repeated in Baltics’

Military aggression against the Baltic countries is not among the future moves to be expected from the Kremlin, said independent Russian political scientist Kirill Martynov during a meeting in Vilnius.

Political scientist, philosopher and Novaya Gazeta political editor Martynov said that Moscow does not have capability for further external aggression.

“It is hard to imagine that they could discover yet another enemy. Well, maybe they could get into a conflict with Kazakhstan but they would need to come up with a pretext. It is a Russian world out there, but this country is our ally, and therefore this not a good solution. And the rest Russia‘s neighbours are NATO members and China. With these, as I understand it, you would not want to have conflict,” said Martynov.

“No soft power, propaganda, or attempts to stir up the Russian diaspora would be sufficient to achieve the same result as in the Crimea,” said Martynov.

“Obviously given the history of the twentieth century, the Baltic States fears are well grounded. I would as well,” said Martynov while emphasising that the Crimean scenario will not be repeated in the Baltics.

Martynov branded attitudes in Moscow comical saying that Russian people on the one hand travel to the Baltic states on vacation and invest money there, but when at home, think: “We should show that Europe who is the boss” and then take a plane to visit Vilnius on holiday.

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