Denmark and Lithuania reaffirm cooperation in defence

“The decade of NATO membership has seen us achieve a lot – we have deployed to operations and carried out standbys for the NATO Response Force together, and the affiliation of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf to the Danish Division is increasingly tighter,” Urbelis said.

It was agreed at the meeting the Land Force-level cooperation should be further built on by continuing the affiliation project of the Iron Wolf Brigade allowing the Lithuanian unit to participate on a regular basis in training events and exercises incorporated into the Danish Division, as well as by looking into the possibilities of joining the UK-led Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), together.

“Our joint project must encompass an increasing number of areas, including the cooperation between the Lithuanian and the Danish Navies and NATO deterrence in the Baltic States,” Urbelis said.

In his turn, the Danish defence policy director asserted that Denmark will take concrete steps to contribute to the implementation of NATO measures by deploying to the Baltic Air Policing Mission, exercises in the Baltic States, and joining other military activities.

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