EU adds five Russian government officials to blacklist

“Nineteen people have been blacklisted, including 14 representatives of Luhansk and Donetsk separatists, starting with the political level and ending with those directly commanding the battles. And also five Russian citizens, including three high-ranking representatives of the executive government, working in the defence area, and two Duma representatives,” Lithuanian Ambassador to the EU Raimondas Karoblis told BNS, without disclosing the names.

The individuals in the blacklist are barred from entering the EU and will be subject to asset freezes. The EU decided to extend the blacklist in response to attacks by separatists, supported by Russia, in eastern Ukraine. The West claim Moscow is supplying weapons to separatists and also sending its troops to eastern Ukraine.

According to Karoblis, the sanctions will also apply to eight combat units and one “organization which is strongly contributing to the provision of assistance to separatists”.

The extended blacklist is due to be formally endorsed by EU foreign ministers on Monday without any additional discussions.

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