Trains in Kazlų Rūda
European Union

It’s official. Brussels clarifies how sanctioned goods must go to Kaliningrad via Lithuania

The debate on the movement of EU-sanctioned goods from Russia to Kaliningrad has ended. The European Commission has clarified that sanctioned goods can travel via Lithuania to Kaliningrad by rail, but not by truck. The […]

Belarus President A. Lukashenko and Russian President V. Putin
Central/Eastern Europe

Will the sanction clouds darken Belarus’ skies and two potential scenarios

If sanctions could help replace the political regimes in Russia and Belarus, I would approve even their most severe variants, Mečys Laurinkus wrote in Unfortunately, the sanction cascades against Russia have thus far ended […]

No Picture
European Union

EU to extend individual sanctions over Ukraine conflict

The European Union will extend sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals over the conflict in Ukraine until September, EU sources said on Wednesday. […]

Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Putin shoots Russia in the foot, again

There had been no doubt that Russia would respond vehemently to the downing of its military plane and would do everything to punish Turkey. Moscow did not waste any time introducing various economic sanctions and launching a fierce anti-Turkish propaganda campaign. […]