Sanctions on Russia must be extended, Polish president says

Andrzej Duda

President Duda told reporters during a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev that Ukraine‘s sovereignty and independence were for Poland one of the key issues” and added that Poland was carefully following the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Duda added that their implementation was the first step to peace in Ukraine.

According to the Polish president, the Minsk Agreements are rather unlikely to be implemented on time, i.e., by 31 December. “So it is obvious that the period of their implementation must be prolonged,” Duda said, adding that in such a situation the policy of sanctions must continue and “Europe and the world should not give it up”.


“I hope that sanctions will be extended in the near future; Poland’s position regarding this matter is unequivocal,” the president added and declared support for Ukraine’s peace aspirations.

The Ukrainian president said Poland was Ukraine’s strategic partner and thanked President Duda for Poland’s tough position for Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity.

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