Experts join Lithuanian professionals at Swedbank HQ in Sweden

Event by Lithuanian Professionals in Sweden. Photo Elin Joensson

High-profiled management consultant Niclas Ihrén, innovations modeller, strategist and LPS member Neda Nordin and Swedbank head advisor Amanda Jackson all enlightened the attendees with their expertise on sustainability across business sectors and with regards to corporate social responsibility.

Chairwoman of the newly established LPS club Rūta Smertinienė said the number of attendees at these types of events ranges from ten to 70 and the panels are based on her personal encounters.

“I was surprised when Niclas Ihrén accepted the invitation from our club LPS because he’s such a high-level expert,” she said.

“In Sweden, these experts are happy to come to small events to share information and knowledge.

It’d good if Niclas and others like him came to Lithuania to inform the government on how to start a business, how to create sought-after services and “how-to” programs for start-up businesses.”

She sees a gap in sustainability between Swedish and Lithuanian companies, but also an opportunity for Lithuanian companies to learn a lot from Swedish standards, rules and procedures. With sustainability being an important issue in today’s business sectors, Smertinienė urges small Lithuanian businesses to adapt to their neighbouring innovator.

“When you have a small company it’s easier to implement new strategies and technologies,” she said.

“You have to be flexible to meet customers’ needs and from my experience here in Sweden I see that smaller Lithuanian companies can successfully adapt in order to quickly reach Swedish sustainability standards.”

Lithuania is now flourishing on the corporate stage after gaining independence from Soviet and Lithuanian businesses are experiencing many advantages with doing business with Sweden. New technologies are high on the agenda, but also soft issues such as how to manage and motivate staff and how to manage employees’ stress levels.

Speaker Nordin also praised the cooperation between the two countries.

“Technology has developed so rapidly and Sweden is seen as the second Silicon Valley,” she said.

LPS was established in Stockholm as a platform for professionals with a connection to Lithuania to gather and share their knowledge and contacts.

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