Experts on whether Lithuania should be wary of Trump’s victory

Presidential candidate Donald Trump at the debates in Huston
Vida Press

How will Trump’s victory affect the world? And Lithuania? Lithuanian leaders hope that he will continue current American policy and will not sell Lithuania to Putin. Meanwhile some political scientists warn that it is no longer clear how to defend against Russia, thus it is necessary to prepare for the worst case scenarios and continue arming.

Fears regarding D. Trump being elected were strengthened by some of his close advisors’ statements during the campaign, such statements as Estonia being a suburb of St. Petersburg or that the USA would give thought to whether it would defend the inadequately prepared to defend Baltic States in case of a Russian invasion. Moscow was unambiguously seeking specifically a Trump victory as well. President Dalia Grybauskaitė sends a message that she continues to trust US policy and will seek strong ties with the new President.

While the politicians in power hold on to hope, political scientist Marius Laurinavičius who has been observing events in the United States and predicted Trump’s victory urges not to be naïve. He believes that Trump has stated exactly what he truly thinks and that the Kremlin will seek to put that to use.
To prevent Laurinavičius’ prophecies of a fracturing of NATO and the EU, Conservative representatives are already advocating to urgently send a group of diplomats to the US to explain to Trump and his entourage why exactly Lithuania cannot be left alone against Putin.

While some experts live on hopes that Trump’s campaign statements will differ from his actions, others urge to increase military spending already this coming year, to not spare funding and get armed in preparation of repelling Russian provocations.

Former President Valdas Adamkus believes that there is no threat to Lithuania, while Vytautas Landsbergis urges to wait for specific decisions made by Trump next year in Syria in order to evaluate his will in a confrontation with Russia.

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