Facebook and Lithuanians: not a day without it

Facebook by DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Facebook and Lithuanians have a very strong bond. Facebook, Messenger and e-mail are apps, which most Lithuanians could not go a day without. More well-known names, such as YouTube, Instagram, Viber, Google Maps, WhatsApp and others, also ended up in the list of apps which people use every day and are in great need for. An online survey of Lithuanian residents carried out at the order of Telia revealed these trends.

“An increasing number of people hardly imagine their day without a smartphone and apps installed in it, which help to widen the horizons, keep in touch with friends and relatives, find out the latest news, weather forecasts and other information of interest to them. This also shows that people now take mobile Internet for granted – all the apps, which they named as essential, use mobile data”, notes Giedrė Kaminskaitė-Salters, Direct and Digital Channel Manager at Telia.

However, it should be noted that there are smartphone owners, who do not have the most popular apps installed on their phones, but they account for a mere 7 percent.

The majority, as many as 48 percent of the surveyed residents, indicated that they could not go a day without Facebook, 38 percent could not do without Facebook Messenger, and 33 percent – without an e-mail app. Banking applications (18%), YouTube (14%), weather apps (12%) and Instagram also ended up in the list of the most needed apps. Instagram is particularly important for respondents 18 – 29 years of age.

Banking ups are not for mornings

When asked which app they open first thing in the morning, the majority of surveyed people, namely, 32 percent, named Facebook, followed by e-mail in the second place (17 %) and weather apps in the third place (15 %). Also, many people check new messages on Facebook Messenger (13 %) first thing in the morning, open news portal apps (5%) or their favourite games (4%).

The youngest survey participants between 18 and 29 years of age usually open Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps in the mornings, while the oldest (50 to 60 years old) check weather forecasts and e-mail.

By the way, even though many people have named bank apps among the most important ones, they do not rush to check their account balances or to make money transfers in the morning – these apps were not named among the apps that people open right after waking up. Also, very few respondents open YouTube, web browsers, Pinterest or LinkedIn on their phones in the very morning.

“We often have several dozens of apps on our phone, but only a few of them are of key importance to us, and this survey was aimed at distinguishing these particular apps. People prefer social networks, socializing with friends and relatives – after all, this is what the primary purpose of phones themselves was, with only the methods and instruments changing”, says G. Kaminskaitė-Salters.

The survey company Kantar conducted the population survey on mobile phones and their choice at the order of Telia. The survey was conducted online in February of this year, with 1 018 respondents (18–60 years old) having participated in it from all over Lithuania.

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