Film festival in Vilnius to showcase best of animation

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The only animated film festival in Lithuania is proud to be able to present films of both famous masters and students of animation, which have been awarded prizes in the biggest festivals in the world, starting with Annecy, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Hiroshima festivals and finishing with Varna, KROK and Suzdal festivals. The winners of these festivals are sure to make this year’s “Tindirindis” impressive.

As every year, the organisers will present the delicacies of animation art. Retrospective programs of Witold Giersz and Oleksander Bubnov will be shown, during which the viewers will be able to meet the filmmakers.

Also creative workshops with animation professionals on the topic “Music and Animation. Connections between Ballet, Opera and Art of Animation” will be organised in Vilnius. This year the workshop will be conducted by Witold Giersz (director), Oleksander Bubnov (director), Natalija Lukinykh (director of documentary films, teacher in VGIK and SHAR universities) and Valentas Aškinis (director and animation lecturer).

In Vilnius, 14 competitive “Tindirindis 2015” programs of animation films will be shown. The programs are meant for the smallest viewers, adolescents and adults; everyone who enjoys humour, music, isn’t scared of horror films or longs for true-life stories.

Lithuanian animation. Debut films of professional Lithuanian creators and students. In the Professional film program we will see Ignas Meilūnas‘feature film „Miškas“ with elements of animation. It is a story about a reclusive elderly naturalist who tries to capture the magical lights of the night. The naturalist constructs a trap, but soon enough finds himself in a tricky situation. This film has been awarded a silver crane. The film “Medžioklė” by M. Valkevičiuus talks about how easy a hunter can become pray, and the film „RGB“ – about the competition of colours and shapes. A surrealistic film by V. Malčys “Erdvė per maža” solves questions related to space. The film “Laimės žiburys” by Urtė Oettinger is a screening of J. Biliūnas’ story about great hope and freedom. The film “Senas laikas” by N. Valadkevičiūtė is an experimental clip for the song by A. Jegelevičius ir E. Mezginaitė that features money, horses and honey. The film “Žilvinas ir Eglė” by A. Skučas is an animated screening of V. Mykolaitis – Putinas’ story about love and devotion.

The students of Lithuanian universities (VDA, VTDK, Šiauliai University) have presented great films. The film “Sausra” by B. Kumža ir J. Sutkus (VTDK), which has been awarded prizes in a few festivals, tells a story about a triplet who “sweep” their lives. In the film “Odė vienatvei” by R. Juškauskaitė (VTDK) a girl experiences loneliness with a wolf-like pain. In the film “Sruoga” (ŠU) by D. Pipiras completely different adventures are experienced by a girl whose long hair comes to life and starts to fool around. In the film “Kada” a cyclist reaches a peak of becoming one with a mountain. The film “Gatvės langas” by J. Jurkevičius is a modern interpretation of Franz Kafka‘s story.

All films (except for children) will be with English subtitles.

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