Five Lithuanian entrepreneurs appear on Nordic’s Business Report for 30 under 30

DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

President of JCI Lithuania, Ms. Loreta Pivoriūnaitė, who was one of the Jury members in Lithuania, says: „It is so important to bring value by recognizing and promoting young business talents outside Lithuania in order to promote our country and its bright individuals at the same time.“

Amongst other established entrepreneurs, such as former CEO of Russia’s „Vkontakte“, Danish „Onfone“, Finnish „DealDash“ representatives or Estonian minister for Education and research, five Lithuanians have found their place in the ranking.

Daumantas Dvilinskas, 25 – CEO and co-founder of TransferGo. The company suggests new trends and options in international money remittance and is now operating in 22 countries with 30,000 customers who are spread throughout Europe, in as many as 2,000 towns and cities.

Milda Mitkutė, 29 – founder and co-owner of Vinted. The company has recently raised 25 million euros of investment and currently operates in 7 countries. is a place for girls and women to buy, sell, and swap clothes. It’s a creative way to dress well on a budget and save your used-to-be-favourite jacket from the landfill.

Robert Kalinkin, 25 – an entrepreneur and well known fashion designer who started his business with zero capital and now already owns three stores in Lithuania, five retail partners and has had three pop-up shops in various Lithuanian cities – all of that within less than a year.

Rokas Tamošiūnas, 29 – founder and CEO of StartupHighway – a startup accelerator company. Rokas founded his own business as a second-year student in 2008 (exit: management buy-out 3 years later), was one of the first investors in Lithuania to invest in 15 startups and was nominated within top 3 investors in Lithuania by Investors forum in 2011.

Dovydas Duoblys, 28 – CEO of Solid Supply, developer and manufacturer of shop fittings. The company implements projects of shops furnishings, store equipment supplies, fitting out and filling of public spaces.

International Jury consisted of 21 local organizations. JCI was part of the jury in Estonia and Lithuania. „We were really happy of JCI’s participation in the jury in these countries as it has a good overview on the young generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs“, adds Hans-Peter Siefen.

Nordic Business Report is a new kind of high quality business magazine in the Nordics. The magazine focuses on entrepreneurship and articles supporting the development of business skills.

JCI Lithuania belongs to the international network of young active and business-oriented citizen in the world. The global network provides networking opportunities to the members, opportunities to be involved and create socially responsible, entrepreneurial community as well as personal development projects and programs worldwide.

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