Forbes recommends visiting Lithuania in 2015

The Curonian Spit
M. Milinio nuotr.

“This former Soviet Republic, located east of Sweden and Denmark, will become a card-carrying member of the Eurozone starting January 1, 2015 — which means traveling there is about to become a whole lot easier (think scads of ATMs, simpler electronic payments, and a familiar currency),” writes Alexandra Kirkman for

“It’s also home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the old town of capital city Vilnius, a Baroque masterpiece and one of the largest old towns in Central and Eastern Europe; and the Curonian Spit, a 60-mile peninsula of spectacular beaches stretching south into Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave. Once heavily forested, it’s now the pride of the country and backed by Europe’s largest moving sand dune.”

The other two picks are Namibia, “the jewel of Africa”, and Montenegro which is “poised to become a world-class luxury travel destination thanks to its idyllic, 180-mile-plus coastline and rugged interior”.

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