Former VSD head Laurinkus to run in elections with Green Party

Mečys Laurinkus
A.Solomino nuotr.

Former head of the State Security Department (VSD) Mečys Laurinkus will participate in October’s parliamentary election together with the Lithuanian Green Party, led by Linas Balsys.

Balsys, who is a member of the current parliament, will head the Lithuanian Green Party‘s list candidates. The second in the party list is the former head of Vilnius police, Sigitas Mecelica.

Laurynas Okockis, an active member of various environmental organizations and a public figure, is also in the top five in the Green Party‘s list.

PhD student Marija Tamkevičiūtė, who works in the Nature Research Centre and is a Jerusalem community chairwoman, is also in top five.

The fifth on the list is Mečys Laurinkus, a well known political analyst, signatory of the March 11 Independence Act act, a diplomat. Laurinkus was elected to the Supreme Council in 1990, and later was a parliament member. In 1998-2004, he headed the State Security Department and was later appointed ambassador to Spain and Georgia.

“I am glad that our party program attracts people with such a huge political experience. Voters will also find in the list green movement pioneers like Saulius Pikšrys and young, well-educated professionals who have joined the party in recent years from the fields of environmental protection, renewable energy, education and science,” said the Lithuanian Green Party chairman Linas Balsys.


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