Gazprom ‘tried to undermine Lithuanian LNG terminal’

LNG Terminal
DELFI (V.Spurytės nuotr.)

However, the intelligence does not specify who these major gas consumers were, how were they influenced, or how attempts were made to compromise the LNG terminal.

The largest gas consumer in Lithuania is Achema which was purchasing gas from Gazprom, but has now come to an agreement to buy gas from Statoil through the LNG terminal.

The report said Russia reduced freight flows through the Baltic countries last year, which resulted in a 13% decrease in volumes to the Kaliningrad region. This affected Lithuanian Railways’ financial results as transportation of Russian cargo is the most profitable activity of the company.

VSD identifies this move by Russia as a protectionist transport policy and directed against Lithuanian transport companies. Russia decided to transport cargo with ferries between the Baltijsk port in Kaliningrad region and the Ust-Luga port in the Gulf of Finland, but transportation via this route is more expensive than through Lithuania.

However, last year, third country (mainly Russian) energy companies took an increasing interest in investment in major Lithuanian projects – Klaipėda seaport, railway infrastructure, electricity interconnections.

“With the possibility to import cheaper electricity from Sweden, there has been an increased interest from Russian (and other third countries) energy companies in opportunities to export electricity from Lithuania or through Lithuania, in particular through the LitPol Link connection,” the report said.

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