Government approves new cyber security strategy

“The existing strategy, the Electronic Information Safety Development Program for 2011-2019, has to be changed as it no longer reflects today’s issues and cyber security challenges in Lithuania and worldwide,” National Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis told the Cabinet sitting on Monday.

The new strategy states that Lithuania has been facing a growing number of cyber attacks against the public and energy sectors, airports, media outlets and infrastructure important for national security.

The document also indentifies five goals, including bolstering cyber resistance and defense capabilities, stepping up fight against online crimes, promoting a cyber security culture and innovations, promoting closer cooperation between the private and public sectors and strengthening international cooperation.

The new version of the Law on Cyber Security, adopted by the parliament during the spring session, clearly defines individual institutions’ mandates in the area of cyber security. The law has been harmonized with the recently-adopted EU directive.

Lithuania’s intelligence services say the majority of hostile cyber activity is linked to Russia.

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